Free T-62 in Armored Warfare

Free T-62 for the new Free2Play tank game Armored Warfare

Free T-62

Each player who signs up and logs for the first time in the Free2Play tank game Armored Warfare before 22 November will receive a free T-62 main battle tank (Rank 3) from the very beginning. This T-62 veteran is a special version of the ordinary T-62 with a perfect camouflage, great weapon effect with good penetration and excellent armor.

Armored Warfare is being developed by Obsidian (US) and many players knew them so far as developers of RPG. For nearly two years the programmers are already working on the free tank game, which uses the great Crytek graphics engine.
Armored Warfare plays out almost like World of Tanks, but used modern weapons with more dynamics and action. The game has enough potential to reach the level of it competitors.

As armored classes there are Main Battle Tanks (MTB), light tanks, armored vehicles, tank destroyers and self-propelled guns.
All tanks have different levels (tiers), so beginners with level 1 do not have to deal with stronger opponents to. Basically, the steps are based on the entry into service of ther vehicles, so you would have to start at the beginning with tanks from the 50’s actually. With the T-62 of course you can now briefly already embarking on level 3 !

So do not miss the great starting opportunity and get your own and free T-62 right now !

The T-62 in Armored Warfare.
Please click on the bottom left corner of this c. 30 sec video to start the streaming progress !