Most effective vehicles in War Thunder


The heavy German tank ‘Maus’ is with 1.9 kills per loss one of the most effective vehicles in War Thunder.

Some time ago the community of the F2P war game War Thunder has launched its own project on WWII Logs to have finally a public statistical overview ​​about the performance of individual vehicles and win odds of the available different nation teams.

So far, therefore, in accordance with the kill/loss ratio the following vehicles (with an indication of the Battle Rating = BR) are the most effective ones in Realistic Land Battles . Values ​​in the range of 1.0 are only average and below are already reveal too weak vehicles.

Most effective Heavy Tanks

Additionally, it has to bring to notice, that the use of a heavy tank can cost up to 450 points, a medium tank but only a maximum of 310 points and a tank destroyer at highest 290 points. Therefore, heavy tanks should be supposed to have around a 1.5 times better shooting quota as medium tanks or tank destroyers, which is unfortunately often not the case. Therefore, one should limit the use of heavy tanks in the game as far as possible, if they do not have high kill to loss quota.

Heavy Tanks
Kill/Loss RatioHeavy TankNationBattle Rating
1.9MausGermanyBR 7.7
1.5CaernarvonBritainBR 6.7
1.4T-10MRussiaBR 8.0
1.310.5-cm-Tiger IIGermanyBR 7.0
1.3IS-2RussiaBR 6.0+6.7
1.3 Churchill IIIBritainBR 4.0
1.1 Tiger II(H)GermanyBR 6.7
1.1 Tiger II(P)GermanyBR 6.3
1.0M103USBR 7.7
1.0T26E1-1USBR 6.7
1.0Tiger I(H)GermanyBR 5.7
1.0Churchill VIIBritainBR 4.7
1.0KV-2RussiaBR 4.3
0.9KV-1RussiaBR 3.7
0.8Conqueror Mk 2BritainBR 7.7
0.8Tiger IEGermanyBR 6.0
0.8IS-1RussiaBR 5.7
0.8M4A3E2 JumboUSBR 5.0
0.7IS-3RussiaBR 7.3
0.5M4A3 (105mm) ShermanUSBR 3.7

Most effective Medium and Light Tanks

This is the most important category of combat vehicles, which can be used at relatively inexpensive costs and are most times armed equally, faster, and more flexible and nearly as good as the heavy tank at the same Battle Ratings in War Thunder. You can see that mainly the Russian and at higher Battle Ratings the British vehicles occupy leading positions. Only with the relatively high Battle Rating 6.7 the Germans received with the Panther II an exceptionally good medium battle tank. Therefore, the high win rates at most Battle Ratings, especially for the Russian team – and in the high Battle Ratings for the British – are not surprising.

Light and Medium Tanks
Kill/Loss RatioLight or Medium TankNationBattle Rating
1.8Centurion Mk 3BritainBR 6.7
1.7T-44-122 (Premium)RussiaBR 6.3
1.6Centurion Mk 10BritainBR 7.0
1.4Chieftain Mk3BritainBR 8.0
1.4T-44-100RussiaBR 7.0
1.4AVIV Thunderbolt (Premium)BritainBR 5.0
1.3T-34-85RussiaBR 5.0-5.3
1.2M26E1 (Premium)USBR 6.7
1.2Panther IIGermanyBR 6.7
1.2T-34-100 (Premium)RussiaBR 6.7
1.2T-34-76RussiaBR 3.7+4.0
1.1Leopard 1GermanyBR 8.0
1.1T-34E (Premium)RussiaBR 4.3
1.1M4 ShermanUSBR 3.7
1.0M46 PattonUSBR 6.7
1.0T92USBR 6.7
1.0M26 PershingUSBR 6.3
1.0CometBritainBR 5.3
1.0M4A3 (76mm) ShermanUSBR 5.3
1.0Cromwell IBritainBR 3.7
1.0PzKpfw IV GGermanyBR 3.7
0.9T-54RussiaBR 7.3+7.7
0.9Panther FGermanyBR 6.3
0.9T-44RussiaBR 6.3
0.9M4A1 ShermanUSBR 3.3
0.9PzKpfw IVF2GermanyBR 3.3
0.8M60USBR 8.0
0.8Sherman FireflyBritainBR 5.0
0.8M4A2 (76mm) ShermanUSBR 5.0
0.8PzKpfw IV HGermanyBR 4.0
0.8Cromwell VBritainBR 3.3
0.8Valentine XIBritainBR 3.0
0.8PzKpfw III J1GermanyBR 3.0
0.7Panther DGermanyBR 5.7
0.7T-34-57RussiaBR 4.7
0.7A13 Mk IBritainBR 1.0
0.6M41A1USBR 6.3
0.6Panther AGermanyBR 6.0
0.6PzKpfw III MGermanyBR 3.3

Most effective Tank Destroyers

Only in the problematic range of tank destroyers the German teams are the clear leader. But the effective use of these vehicles without a turret is quite challenging and requires already some experience in the mostly existing confusing close-quarter maps.

Tank Destroyers
Kill/Loss RatioTank DestroyersNationBattle Rating
1.9Panzerjäger IGermanyBR 1.7
1.6JagdtigerGermanyBR 7.0
1.6Dicker MaxGermanyBR 4.3
1.2SU-85RussiaBR 4.7+5.3
1.2AchillesBritainBR 4.0
1.2Marder IIIHGermanyBR 3.0
1.0NashornGermanyBR 5.3
1.0SU-152RussiaBR 5.0
1.0StuG III GGermanyBR 4.0
0.9JagdpantherGermanyBR 6.3
0.9M18 HellcatUSBR 5.0
0.8M10 WolverineUSBR 3.7
0.6StuG III FGermanyBR 3.7

Most effective Anti-Aircraft Tanks

Again, apparently the German team are in advantage, even when this are only support vehicles for the second or third wave, which usually can not turn the tide of battle.

Kill/Loss RatioAA-TankNationBattle Rating
1.0GepardGermanyBR 2.0
0.9WirbelwindGermanyBR 3.7
0.8KugelblitzGermanyBR 6.7
0.6ZSU-57-2RussiaBR 7.7
0.6M19USBR 5.0
0.6OstwindGermanyBR 4.7
0.694-KM ZIS-12RussiaBR 3.3
0.6AC Mk II AABritainBR 2.7
0.5ZSU-37RussiaBR 4.7
0.5SdKfz 6/2GermanyBR 3.0

Most effective Aircrafts

Subsequently, the most effective aircraft, which have come in larger quantities into action during the realistic ground battles of War Thunder:

Kill/Loss RatioPlaneNationBattle Rating
5.3Canberra BBritainBR 8.0
2.1Arado 234BGermanyBR 6.7
2.0Do 217EGermanyBR 4.7
1.9Spitfire FBritainBR 5.3-6.3
1.7B-25J MitchellUSBR 4.0+4.3
1.7F6F-3 HellcatUS+Britain (Premium)BR 3.7
1.7WellingtonBritainBR 2.3-3.3
1.6Tu-2SRussiaBR 6.3
1.6F8F-1 BearcatUSBR 6.0
1.4(lease-lend) B-25JRussiaBR 4.3
1.3Pe-8RussiaBR 4.0
1.3Il-4RussiaBR 3.0
1.2AD-2 SkyraiderUSBR 6.0
1.2Firefly FRBritainBR 3.7+4.0
1.2Pe-2RussiaBR 3.7-4.7
1.1Fw 190AGermanyBR 4.7+5.0
1.1Bf 109FGermanyBR 3.7-4.0
1.0Me 410AGermanyBR 3.7
1.0P-47D ThunderboltUS+Russia (Premium)BR 3.7
0.9Me 410BGermanyBR 4.7
0.8Ju 87DGermanyBR 2.7+3.3

Overall arise spots in effectiveness among the nations around the following Battle Ratings:
Germany at BR 4.3 (Dicker Max) and 7.0 (Jagdtiger, 10.5-cm-Tiger II, Panther II, Arado bomber) and the Maus at 7.7.
Russia around BR 4.0 (T-34-76), 5.0 (T-34-85) and BR 6.3-7.0 (IS-2, T-44-100 or Premium T-44-122, T-34-100), especially because of the T-34/44 series.
Britain from BR 6.7-7.0 (two Centurions, Caernarvon) and 8.0 (Chieftain, Canberra bomber).
In the US none optimal, above average BR can be found (if any, than most likely around the BR 6.7, including the use of premium vehicles).

The most effective premium tank appears to be the Russian T-44-122 with a kill to loss ratio of as much as 1.7 !

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